Hotel Operator Selection

Hotel Operator selection is a key factor in the overall success of an investment both in terms of selecting the right partner and putting in place the right terms and conditions. Agreements have to be balanced to permit operators to perform whilst allowing owners to oversee their investments.

How We Do What We Do

We negotiate and deliver the best commercial terms with the right partners to ensure the best results for our clients. Our keen understanding of branding, management structure and the small print of commercial terms allows us to deliver the ideal operator on the best possible terms every time whether for a new agreement or the re-negotiation of an existing contract.

Our Top Line Process

Noesis employs a system-oriented process pre-qualifying the optimum brands for the project in order to find the most suitable operator from our wealth of industry relationships. When identifying brands, many factors will be considered, amongst them the strength of the brand and its performance, positioning, regional experience, reservation system and fee structure.

We maximize value from the initiation of the project ensuring that the owner’s vision is appropriately aligned with the objectives of the operator. The first steps are critical and require professional due diligence:-

  • Short list appropriate operators for the property
  • Request proposals from selected operators
  • Evaluate interested operators on key attributes
  • Post Operator Selection-Negotiating The Final Details

After the primary operator selection has been made, together with the clients’ appointed legal council, we start the process by negotiating the best possible terms and conditions on behalf of the client for the key legal agreements:

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Technical Services Agreement
  • Hotel Management Agreement
  • Operator Search
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Club
  • Service Apartment
  • Branded Residency
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