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NOESIS is India’s leading hotel consultant & hospitality investment advisor. As Hotel Consultants NOESIS offers a wholesome range of services for value addition to the hospitality industry, varying from macro elements like financial and investment decisions to micro elements via providing integrated professional services like Hotel Feasibility Report, Valuation, Consulting, Hotel Brand Affiliation, Contract Negotiation, Hotel buying/selling, Private Equity, Debt Syndication. Firm is having active operations in more than 60 markets of South Asia.

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Hotel Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

Our team offers hospitality industry expertise in investment and development, financial modeling, risk identification, and strategic support. We analyze current and projected business conditions to validate owner objectives, project positioning, and branding for maximum market potential. Our reports provide impartial assessments of project
viability, inform architectural briefs and operator shortlists, and support project

Hotel Investment Analysis, Appraisal & Valuation Services

Noesis offers reliable and accurate property evaluations for successful transactions,
with expertise in investment models for hospitality projects. Our consultants provide
objective evaluations and technical expertise to clarify concerns and offer defensible
services for large-scale projects. Noesis provides high standards for hotel and
hospitality entity valuations.

Hotel Transactions, Acquisitions and Disposals

Noesis provides M&A services to maximize asset value in all stages of the process,
with a focus on developing a carefully planned strategy and financial rationale. Our
experienced team offers confidential services, including joint venture agreements, and
has expertise in complex M&A agreements in India and South Asian countries.

Hotel Operator Selection

Noesis employs a systematic process to pre-qualify optimum brands and find the most
suitable operator for a project. We consider factors such as brand strength,
performance, positioning, regional experience, reservation system, and fee structure.
We align the owner’s vision with the operator’s objectives to maximize value from
project initiation.

Corporate Finance

Noesis provides support from hotel, real estate, and finance experts on project
development, restructuring, and acquisitions. We assist in raising equity and obtaining
bank finance for planned acquisitions or re-positioning of hotel and leisure assets.
Noesis’ experts offer specialized assistance in these areas to help achieve successful

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We engaged NOESIS to help us with operator search for our upcoming hotel in Indore. They did an excellent job in guiding us throughout the brand affiliation process from brand shortlisting with their unique brand matchmaking grid based on 19 parameters to commercial negotiations to legal contract negotiations. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence were truly impressive.
~ Mohit Arora
Promoter Hotel Novotel Indore
The NOESIS team has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the hospitality business today and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table with their transaction services and industry reports. They have helped us with the Club Mahindra resorts portfolio expansion.
~ Santhosh Kutty
COO - Hotels, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts
NOESIS is a bunch of quality professionals who have played an excellent role in providing us good deals across various cities. We sincerely appreciate their expertise & insights in the hospitality sector. I take the opportunity to thank Nandivardhan & his team for their continued support & wish them all success.
~ Sanjeev Sethi
COO, Bloom Hotel Group
We appointed NOESIS for brand affiliation services for our under - development hotels & resorts in Rajasthan. They professionally completed the assignment and added tremendous value to commercial & contract negotiations. NOESIS team consists of highly experienced and skilled consultants.
~ Vikas Jain
Promoter Fairfield by Marriott Jaipur
What I appreciated most about working with NOESIS was their focus on building long-term relationships. They were genuinely invested in our success and growth story. Majority of our hotel acquisition, Hotel feasibility studies, Valuation report, Operator search assignments have been completed by NOESIS within record time. They mean business
~ Manoj Bagri
MD, 7 Apple Hotels
We have had great experience of working with NOESIS. They are responsive, professional and always went the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Our largest hotel in South Asia, located at Mumbai airport, was in fact signed thank to the support and expertise of NOESIS. We rate NOESIS highly and would like to congratulate and thank them for all their good work.
~ Panos Loupasis
VP Development, Middle East, Eurasia & Africa at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
International, National and Regional Hotel Brands
Cities of South Asia
Hotel Owners, Hotel Operators, Hotel Investors and Financial Institutions
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Experienced Consultants

Get expert advice from Industry leaders who have completed more than 2100 hospitality assignments

Exceptional Results

Noesis has an unbeatable track record of client satisfaction by Creating a win-win deal structure for the clients as well as the brands involved.

Competitive Fees structure

With our firm grip on the subject matter, we bring in the best deals for our clients along with the favorable terms and conditions at a competitive fee structure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hotel consultants play a vital role in the hospitality industry by providing expert advice and guidance to hotel owners, developers, and operators. Their main objective is to help their clients improve their operations, increase revenue, and achieve overall success in the competitive hotel industry.

    Having a well-known brand running a hotel can attract customers, increase revenue, and provide marketing and distribution support, as well as standardization and operational guidance. Brands can also offer cost savings and access to expertise. It is important for hotel owners to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of a brand affiliation to ensure it aligns with their business objectives and strategy.

    Hotel consultants are essential in the hospitality industry as they provide valuable guidance and expertise to help hotel owners, developers, and operators achieve success. Their roles include market analysis, strategic planning, branding, design and development, operational efficiency, and training. Hotel consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to help their clients improve operations, increase revenue, and succeed in the competitive hotel industry.

    A hotel feasibility study is an in-depth analysis that evaluates the viability of a hotel project by assessing factors such as location, market demand, size, amenities, and financial projections. Its purpose is to determine if the project is financially and economically feasible and likely to succeed in the local market. Developers and investors rely on the study’s findings to make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the project and what adjustments may be necessary for its success.

    A hotel feasibility study consists of several major components, including market analysis, site analysis, financial analysis, operational analysis, legal and regulatory analysis, and design and development analysis. The study evaluates the viability of a proposed hotel project and considers various factors that may impact its success, including supply and demand, competition, location, accessibility, revenue, expenses, profitability, management, customer service, legal and regulatory factors, construction costs, design elements, and timelines. The study’s findings can help developers and investors make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the project and how to optimize its potential for success.

    A hotel feasibility study can take several weeks to several months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project and the availability of data. The study is crucial as it identifies potential risks and opportunities of a hotel project before investors commit significant financial resources. It helps determine if the project is financially viable, likely to succeed in the local market, and aligned with business objectives. The study also identifies areas where changes or improvements may be needed to save time, money, and resources in the long run, increasing the project’s likelihood of success.

    Hotel investors consider several key factors before investing in a hotel, including market demand, location, competitive landscape, property condition, operational efficiency, financing options, and legal and regulatory considerations. These factors help investors evaluate the potential risks and opportunities of a hotel investment and make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the project.

    To determine the market value of a hotel property, there are several methods that can be used, including the income approach, sales comparison approach, replacement cost approach, capitalization rate approach, and gross income multiplier approach. These methods take into consideration factors such as the hotel’s revenue-generating potential, comparable sales data, rebuilding costs, expected rate of return, and gross income. The choice of method depends on various factors like location, property size, market demand, and availability of data.

    A hotel valuation service can help you accurately value your hotel property and identify potential value-add opportunities to increase revenue potential and market value. It can also provide detailed market analysis and help you develop a comprehensive investment strategy based on your financial goals and market conditions to maximize your return on investment.

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