Vijay Bhandari

Vijay currently holds the position in Noesis Capital as COO, involve with Hotel owners & operators on Feasibility & Market Studies, Capital Raising and Operator Search Assignment.

Experienced Development Professional with a high energy level, sense of purpose, and strong interactive and analytic skills. He has over 16 years of cross-functional experience across industries. Having started his career as an investment banker. He has held various senior managerial positions in the entertainment, consulting and hospitality companies and was involved in appraising & structuring the business transactions. Possess a deep knowledge of, and passion for, the hospitality industry coupled with a sound international perspective and cultural fluency travel across Europe and Asia. Track record of building strong relationships with hotel owners, construction companies, franchisees, Travel industry, and development to accelerate brand growth. Demonstrated ability to enhance stakeholder value by capturing market share and driving financial success with well-balanced quality impressions through Performance excellence.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a master’s degree in Management. Vijay has a strong business development background and experience specifically with hotel management companies with a strong focus on sourcing and negotiating hotel deals for hotel operators and acute advising to hotel owners alike and has a total vision of the hospitality industry.

Indian citizen, willing to relocate globally and take on new challenges. Leadership style is adaptable to business and social norms of different countries and cultures. Aim and aspire to be an ace business development professional, whilst pursuing other passions for traveling, food, learning, reading, sport, music & movies.
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