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Revenge Tourism to Pave Way for Leisure Destinations

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Revenge Tourism to Pave Way for Leisure Destinations

Home-bound for the last six months, the millennial have now started stepping out of the house and started exploring destinations within at least 3-5 hours of drivable distance. The concept of workations, staycations, and weekend getaways are on a rise. Tired of being cooped up for months, an increasing number of Indians are now traveling with a vengeance. But they are mostly seeking out destinations that are off the beaten track and not crowded.

Revenge tourism is a riff of a 1980s Chinese concept of ‘revenge spending’. It emerged back then when the country saw an explosion in consumer spending after the country emerged out from restrictions. Now, the same concept is used for travelers who are stuck inside their homes for the past six months due to the imposed lockdown.

In China, the French brand Hermes at its flagship store in Guangzhou reportedly did a business of USD 2.7 million on the first-day post-re-opening in April 2020. A similar concept is started to emerge in the Indian tourism industry.

Hospitality industry professionals corroborate this trend. They say they are seeing a surge in bookings in all segments, from luxury to basic, and occupancy at some places has already touched 80% during weekends and holidays. While travel is picking up, people have not entirely thrown caution to the winds and are choosing destinations within 3-5 hours of driving distance. However, in the current quarter, we can expect the travel distance up to 8-10 hours.

Many guests prefer premium categories of rooms which offer them more space, more open areas such as private sit-outs, and balconies. Besides, the average room nights are also going up to 5-7 nights, from 3-4 nights witnessed earlier.

With affluent Indians unlikely to travel abroad for leisure this year, hotel operators are hoping to cash in on this segment. Around 75-80% of those who traveled abroad for vacation earlier will not be able to go at least for the next 67 months. The hoteliers hope is that when this segment starts traveling in November-December, it will be to destinations in India which they perceive as quality and safe.


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