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Its Time To Re-look At The Hotel Policies

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Its Time To Re-look At The Hotel Policies

With the current spread of COVID-19, many travelers due to the work from
home scenarios are looking for options within the distance which can be
traveled within 2-4 hours by their personal vehicle. In the current scenario, the
majority of people looking at the weekend getaways and staycations are
searching for pet-friendly accommodations for their furry friends also to
accompany them. However, the majority of hotels and resorts in our country are
not pet friendly.

Privately-owned villas and villas associated with companies like Air BnB are at an
advantage in this situation as the majority of them are pet friendly. As per
industry estimates, there are nearly 25-30 million pet owners in India which
makes nearly 19-23% of the overall population of the country. However, on the
contrary, there are just 10-15% branded rooms of the 160,000 spread across
India who are pet friendly.

Why do we need to be pet friendly now?
1. People who are traveling for leisure and to work from a different location
would prefer a property that allows them to bring in a pet.
2. This allows hotels to open a new source of revenue as pets are allowed in a
hotel after a certain fee is paid.
3. Removal of floor mats/carpets from the rooms will make the house-keeping
team’s job easier and much faster when the hotels are operating at lower
staff ratios. It also reduces the cost of cleaning the room.
4. The guest’s loyalty towards the hotel increases significantly and repetitive
business during the current pandemic situation is highly expected.


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