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Revenue Management – Guidebook

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Revenue Management – Guidebook

Revenue management has become one of the key aspects of a successful hotel. Yet many of the hoteliers in India are yet operating in a traditional way without the proper system in place. Today post the entire world is reeling under stress due to COVID-19 outbreak and the tourism industry is struggling the most of all others. To overcome the challenge and deal with the current scenario, revenue management has become one of the most important aspects for a hotel owner/operator.
The entire organized hotel industry (domestic and international chains) started using the revenue management system (RMS) from more than a decade now. It is our independent hotel owners, real estate developers who still haven’t adopted the RMS and have continued to operate in the traditional manner. The report “Revenue Management- The Concept and How it Benefits the Hotel” is a mini guidebook for hotel owners to focus on how the usage of revenue management systems will help hoteliers to improve on their revenues and help them deal with the new normal.
On the occasion, our CEO Mr. Nandivardhan Jain says “The outbreak of COVID-19 has given a sudden blow to the entire hospitality industry and has left the Indian Hotels sector with negligible revenues from the day lockdown was first introduced in India in the last week of March 2020. These challenging times have given an opportunity for the hotel owners to reinvent themselves and plan new strategies to deal with the new world which will emerge post-COVID-19“.

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