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Indian Hospitality – The Conversion Landscape

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Indian Hospitality – The Conversion Landscape

The Creative landscape

A widespread growth tactic in the hospitality industry is ‘Hotel Conversions,’ also known as reflagging or rebranding.

Conversion is the process of a branded hotel chain adopting a standalone hotel or another hotel brand under its wing. While this phenomenon is decades old, Noesis Capital Advisors decided to look closer at many of its facets like performance effects of hotel conversions, brand positioning, the many benefits of conversions, its downfalls and how to strike a perfect balance in this act.

The hospitality and tourism industries cannot be isolated from Geopolitical and economic dynamism. This being said, successful hotel conversions take more than just change of hands – it needs a carefully crafted strategy, with underlying market awareness.

In the last decade, we have worked with more than 1900 hotel owners in more than 60 cities of South Asia and have advised on multiple hotel conversion transactions. This report attempt is to cover the real dynamics of hotel conversions and it’s a mini-manual for independent hotel owners on the subject of hotel conversions, who collectively control more than 70% of hotel rooms’ inventory in India.

For more information, please contact Nandivardhan Jain, CEO Noesis Capital Advisors at [email protected] or Vikrant Tambe, Head – Transactions at [email protected]

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